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Truffelicious Ltd.

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Company Info
Our company is a manufacturer of globally unique premium pet treats for dogs and cats.
We are engaged in pet food research and development, production and sales, so that we can guarantee the best quality for our products. Headquarter is in located in Bad Schmiedeberg, Germany.
The production hall covers an area of around 750 square meters, which allows together with 10 employees, including 3 trained butchers, a possible production of 1 Forty-Foot Container per Week. With a partnership of different regional meat suppliers and truffle suppliers we adopt pet foods in worldwide markets without any artificials, colourings and gluten.

Truffelicious introduced the worlds first pet treats with truffles. The truffle family business was established in 1896 by the grand grand mother of the actual SEO. The truffles came from a network of farmers and were processed and stored in the company and supplies 40 thousand tons to meat industry. 99,8 percent of processes truffles sausages in supermarkets came from our company. We profit from the desire of industry for german quality truffles. Dogs have the instinct to search truffles, so we want to satisfy their desire for truffle in form of treats. A lot of research and tests about pet reactions to truffle shows, that put the best summer truffles into pet food is a unique taste experience, pets likes very much.
The raw materials we use are meat (horse, venison, duck, turkey, codfish, chicken, beef) and fresh herbs. All products in steps passes the ISO certification ISO 22000, the productions always controlled according to German law. Our company is mainly engaged in pet treats and tiny portions of wet food, exported all over the world.

Our products are suitable for all dogs and cats. The main products are divided into three different groups: tubes, cans and sticks.
The sticks are suitable for dogs and cats. The tubes are functional (anti hairball, immune boost a.s.o.)
We put in all our knowledge to have guarantee the best quality.
I look forward to establish premium treats with truffle into your market.
Caution- Risk of addiction

Contact Details
Company Name: Truffelicious Ltd.
Key Contact: Mr.Kajetan Seuss
Job Title: Business Director
Address: Schafstrassse 31
City/Town:Bad Schmiedeberg
Province/State: Sachsen-Anhalt
Country/Region: Germany
Star Web:http://truffelicious.petsglobal.com
Business Type:Manufacturer, Manufacturer Private Label

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